Teeth whitening is a treatment which changes the natural color of your teeth. It is a cosmetic treatment that is performed with a solution or gel which contains a hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide at various concentrations.

We offer different methods to whiten teeth:

In-office teeth whitening
a woman who whitens her teeth

For patient who want to bleach their teeth, we first schedule an appointment to evaluate the condition and degree of tooth decay and discolorations. Then we recommend the best treatment method which suits patients needs. Before bleaching it is important to clean calculus and pigmentations on the teeth. This will give you the initial color of your teeth and also have a better effect of whitening.
Tooth whitening is performed with the help of gels but in some techniques we use light sources that enhance the action of the gels. The gel bleaching technique is simple and involves applying gel to the tooth surface for 3×15 minutes. As the treatment lasts, the patient is comfortably seated in the dental chair and resting. Professional whitening in the office is the most effective and successful method of teeth whitening, with the greatest effect and the most durable results.

At-home teeth whitening with trays
a woman who whitens her teeth with a tray

In addition to in office whitening we also offer whitening with splints for home usage. For this whitening technique it is necessary to make splints, which are made from the impression that our doctors take at the office. Afterwards our technicians make the splints in the laboratory that are specific for each jaw.
Splints are used as carriers for the whitening gel. This procedure is repeated for 7-14 days and even longer if it is necessary. After reaching the desired color, you should stop using the splint for whitening. You keep the splints so the treatment can be repeated in case of needed whitening in the future.

According to our many years of experience, the combination of both techniques is the most gentle and best method. Therefore, we also offer you this option. First whiten in the office and then continue at home with trays made in the laboratory.