modeliranje keramičke krunice
modeliranje keramičke krunice


With modern technology to a new smile

optimal result - functionality and aesthetics

We use the latest technology in the production of prosthetic replacements. The scanned oral cavity of the patient is transferred to the screen in digital form. The dental technician then virtually models the construction. The three-dimensional data obtained in this way are then transformed into a two-dimensional cross-section applied by the SLM machine, layer by layer, thus creating a structure.
The most modern devices and equipment are available at Burow Dental Laboratory and many years of work experience guarantee the patient the functionality and aesthetics of his prosthetic replacements.

All services in one place

Our dental laboratory, equipped with modern technology, is located on the same floor of the building where our dental studio is located, which provides optimal cooperation between our doctors and dental technicians and numerous benefits for patients:

  • dental technicians will consult with you the shape and color of teeth for your prosthetic work
  • during the making of your prosthetic work , corrections and rehearsals are possible in which you also participate and choose what you like
  • repair of old prosthetic works is possible in a short time.
We offer the following prosthetic works:
  • crowns and ceramic bridges (metal-ceramics, zirconia ceramics, ceramic veneers – metal-free ceramics)
  • crowns and bridges on dental implants
  • skeletal dentures on dental implants
  • complete and partial dentures, temporary bridges and dentures
  • skeletal dentures – with metal base
  • reteinera