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unvisilble Aligner


Creates your smile

Metal fixed braces are not anymore the only solution for tooth correction. Orthocaps-Invisalign (the system is discreet, transparent and removable) effectively and painlessly corrects tooth irregularities. It adapts to your lifestyle with two different splints for day or night. This allows better control of movements and more precise regulation of forces used. During the day, a discreet daytime splint works gently, and a more rigid one at night provides a stronger correction.
Unlike other systems, orthocaps aligners are made of high-quality thermoplastic two-component material. The outer layer is a little harder to protect it from damage. The soft inner layer adheres easily to your teeth and guarantees maximum comfort and precise tooth movements.



High quality, transparent material adheres perfectly to your teeth. You will not even notice that you are wearing them since they are so invisible.


The unique thermoplastic material enables precise tooth movements and guarantees visible results.

Rigid tooth alignments can cause uncomfortable pressure points. With Orthocaps Aligner, the use of soft plastic ensures maximum comfort.
Removable, discreet and easy to clean, the Orthocaps TwinAligner system is made for everyday use.

Orthocaps aligners are adapted to every PERSON! This means that they are made individually for each patient.

Is treatment complicated?
Not! Treatment with Orthocaps aligners is easy to implement and can be easily integrated into your daily life. Whether in professional or private life, on a trip or sport Orthocaps goes where you are. It adapts to your individual lifestyle, without attracting attention or harassment.
Teeth correction for adults?
For many adults, fixed braces are out of the question for aesthetic reasons. The Orthocaps TwinAligner system now offers a solution to help you get a beautiful smile. Thanks to our invisible, comfortable and simple aligner system, it can be easily integrated into your professional and everyday life. Whether it is compaction, diastema (gaps) between teeth or complex functions Orthocaps guarantee visible results in 90% of cases. Unique system with two splints (daily for position maintenance, night therapeutic)
Invisible and aesthetic
Orthocaps-Invisalign aligners are made of high-quality, transparent plastic and are therefore almost invisible. Aesthetic system, ideal for adults. Our invisible splints can also be worn at work. The stages of adjustment are short. They do not create pronunciation problems.
Precise and efficient
Two different types of alignments allow optimal adjustment of the forces acting on the tooth. The result is painless tooth correction.
The Orthocaps TwinAligner system in most cases had the same result as the fixed brace. The results are very accurate thanks to the thermoplastic material.