Implant placement

Replacement for traditional denture

If you are missing one or more teeth after a trauma or dental disease, you need real prosthetic replacements. Dental implants are, according to the recommendations of the profession and thus ours, the best option. Dental-Implants are a replacement for the tooth root.

An artificial “root” of a tooth that grows firmly from the jaw bone. They are made of pure titanium or ceramic, and after installation, the implant can be used for different types of dentures. They serve as a replacement for one or more teeth.

What makes implants so special?

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More information on implantology

Our special areas in implantology:

3D computer process planning

In difficult conditions, we can plan implantation using a computer in advance. We then take a three-dimensional image so that we can perform the implant placement procedure in the safest and most painless way possible.

Bone augmentation

After a long period of edentulousness in the upper or lower jaw, the jawbone often resorbed to the point that there was no longer enough substance to safely carry the implant.

All on 4 /All on 6

All-on-4 is a minimally invasive method of resolving edentulousness, with most often a completely fixed prosthetic restoration. There is a high degree of patient satisfaction with this treatment.

Additional care for long-term implantation success

Of course, we will continue to look after you after implantation so that your new dentures will last a long time. We explain how you can adjust oral hygiene at home accordingly. Professional teeth cleaning and implant checking are a useful addition – we’d love to talk to you about it.