Toothpaste on a toothbrush
Toothpaste on a toothbrush


Dental hygiene - professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning (also called prophylaxis) is a preventive treatment. If done regularly it significantly decreases the risk of teeth and gum diseases.
It is individually orientated on patient’s needs and dental health status. It is for people of all ages. For children it is also a training for learning proper dental hygiene.

In one appointement we:

  1. Explain what is going to be done
  2. Clean soft, hard stains and tartar (calculus) with ultrasonic and hand instruments
  3. Clean the gaps between the teeth and parodontal pockets
  4. Sandblast any leftover discolorations (i.e. due to coffee, tea, smoking, red wine…)
  5. Polish the teeth
  6. Fluoridate (remineralising effect) the teeth
  7. Control (double check everything)

Action!! Dental prophylaxis

promotive offer on Saturday

55 Euro