Zahnarzt in der Anwendung mit Lachgas

Sedation with the so-called “paradise gas”, or nitric oxide, is an excellent solution for patients with dental phobia, who feel discomfort and fear when going to the dentist. By placing a comfortable mask on the nose, a controlled mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen needed to sedate the patient is inhaled, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and a reduction in stress, anxiety and pain.

The first effects of gas appear after a few minutes, and shortly after the cessation of inhalation, its effect disappears, which makes this method reliable for application in everyday practice.

After the first experience, patients will see the advantages of this approach to treatment, which is much more comfortable and less stressful. Patients are aware of the procedure and are also subject to suggestions, which facilitates cooperation with the doctor, so the procedure itself can be performed faster and easier. At each subsequent procedure, patients are significantly more relaxed