Conscious sedation – a solution for patients who are afraid of the dentist

Zahnarzt in der Anwendung mit Lachgas

Sedation with the so-called “paradise gas”, or nitric oxide, is an excellent solution for patients with dental phobia, who feel discomfort and fear when going to the dentist. By placing a comfortable mask on the nose, a controlled mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen needed to sedate the patient is inhaled, resulting in a feeling […]

Taking digital dental impression with an intraoral scanner

The dentist scans the patient's teeth

Impressions taken with the help of dental scanners show a number of advantages over conventional impression techniques. The duration of taking impression is significantly reduced, as well as the number of phases of work, which reduces the possibility of errors. The conventional way refers to taking an impression with a tray into which various impression […]

What is dental calculus and how can it be prevented?

calculus removing from teeth

DENTAL CALCULUS Calculus is a mineralized hard deposit most often localized on the surface of the lower front teeth. It is formed from plaque that forms on the teeth after only half an hour. This plaque that forms if you do not brush your teeth well is inhabited by bacteria that are present in the […]